Cosplay Photo shoots

14 Dec

Cosplay Photography

Cosplay (Costume Play, dressing up as your favourite characters from movies, tv, games, comics or books) is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and almost every weekend you can find hundreds of people dressing up as super heroes/heroines, villains, video game or comic characters at one of the many comic cons (conventions) that now take place around the UK. At the big comic cons, such as MCM London Comic Con, you find thousands of people attending in costume.

You also now get, as a result, a lot of photographers attending comic cons to take photos of the cosplayers. Our studio photographer, Stuart, is one of those photographers. He has been attending comic cons since the 1980s and is one of the more established photographers taking photos of cosplayers, with his 'Geekzania' brand. 

A lot of people spend a lot of time, money and effort making their costumes which are often movie 'screen accurate' and sometimes better than the movie version on which they are based. Whilst it is possible to get great photos at a con, and get lots of photos from lots of photographers, increasingly cons are very busy environments and it is getting harder to get a perfect shot.

Of course there are photographers like Stuart who hold 'stand alone' photo shoots outside of cons, either in a studio or on location.

Having a studio shot of your amazing costume makes a lot of sense, the lighting can be controlled with a particular end result in mind, either a suitable background can be used, or a backdrop can be used with a composite edit in mind.

The difference in having a photo shoot at the Harpur Studio with your costume is that you can then order gallery quality framed prints or canvases of your shots at very competitive prices.

So if you have spent a lot of time, money and effort on making an amazing cosplay, why not consider a professional studio shoot to get some amazing images.

Here are a selection of images that Stuart has shot either in a studio or at a comic con.

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