Getting the best out of your photo shoot

14 Dec

Making the Most of your Studio Photo Shoot

So, you have booked a photo shoot at a photo studio and obviously want to make sure you look your best and get the most out of your photo shoot so here is simple advice that should help.

Whilst for most, a professional photo shoot isn't something they have every day and hence may be something that causes some nerves, there is nothing to worry about, your photographer will lead you through the process as required, offering advice on posing etc. to ensure that you look your best in the photos that are taken.

There are though a few things you can do to ensure that you look your best. Prior to the shoot think about the style of images you want, you may already have discussed this with the photographer, but if not, don't worry, this is something he will discuss with you at the beginning of your shoot. Do you want traditional portraits, do you want a light or dark background, do you want group or individual shots or a mix, formal or more relaxed etc.

Think about what you and anyone else are going to wear, smart clothes for a formal portrait, every day wear is fine for something more casual. 

If you are having a family portrait session, especially with young kids, it might be something that they are excited about, but equally it might be something they really don't fancy doing. It is easier to get a good picture with well behaved children, but our photographer, Stuart, has worked with kids of all ages, from babies upwards and understands that children aren't always well behaved and that babies can get grouchy. He will keep the session as relaxed as possible and try and ensure that even with not so well behaved children that you still get some great images. Try not to get stressed, prepare everything beforehand by all means but don't worry too much if you have to change your plans for outfits etc. at the last minute. This is your photoshoot, you are paying for it and we will work hard to ensure that you get the best images you can.

When you arrive at the studio, the photographer will discuss your requirements before then setting up the backdrop, lighting etc. whilst you get ready for the shoot. The shoot will then start, with the photographer happy to offer advise on how to pose if you want it but you can decide on groupings, style of pose. The session will be relaxed and unhurried, with time to try out some different things. With most people, they find that they relax as the session progresses. The key thing is to remember it is your session and to have fun.

When the session ends, the photographer will book in a date for you to come and view the images so you can choose your favourite images, and what products you want. 

If, at any time, you have any questions, about anything, please ask, otherwise, enjoy your session and look forward to some amazing images.

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