What does a photo studio offer you that you can't do yourself?

03 Aug

Why Use a Photo Studio?

These days almost everyone has a mobile phone with them all the time, almost all mobile phones have a camera, so almost everyone has a camera with them most of the time. Why then, in the age of the 'selfie', would you book a professional photographic studio for a photoshoot?

We often get people coming to us for a photoshoot who have tried to take images themselves in the first instance. They find that they can't get the 'lighting' right, or find a clean, uncluttered background to shoot against or the shots just don't look any good. 

It is only natural that an experienced, professional photographer using professional equipment in a studio setting is going to find it easier to get a good shot than someone shooting with a mobile phone camera in a cluttered living room.

In addition, although the cameras on mobile phones are improving all the time, they still don't, by a long way, match the quality from a professional DSLR camera, especially when professional studio lighting equipment is also used.

A professional photo shoot is a lot cheaper than most people might imagine. Our shoots start at just £25, and that includes a free, desktop framed print. Although many people do buy large framed prints or canvases or choose additional images from their shoot in digital format, there is no obligation to do so, nor any 'hard sell'.

So, whether it is a special family shot you are after, a formal portrait, a fun, fantasy portrait, a photo party, a newborn shoot, a pet portrait, a sporting portrait, dance performance shots, a daring boudoir shoot, a cake smash shoot, our exclusive and fun 'box' photoshoot or a headshot or profile image, we can help.

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