Poster feature shoot

Have you ever wanted to be someone else, a superhero perhaps, or a movie star? Then this is for you. Rather than a standard portrait session, this shoot will create a movie style poster, featuring you as the star.  This isn't simply slotting you into a pre-made background, each shoot and each poster will be tailored individually for you. Perfect for cosplayers or people who want to dress up as a character, but also for anyone who wants to let their imagination run riot a bit.

Before the shoot, our photographer will discuss (via email) your ideas, your preferred theme/character etc.  Please note that you will need to provide your own costume/outfit/props but we can happily offer advice. During the shoot, we will shoot some appropriate poses with a view to creating a movie style poster. After the shoot our photographer will suggest some appropriate shots for creating the poster and once you have agreed, create a poster style image which will then be supplied in either a 30x20 inch canvas or a 30x20 inch unframed print.

You will be able to purchase additional shots from the shoot as either prints or digital copies as required. 

The price includes: -

  • Pre shoot consultation
  • Up to 1 hour shoot - to allow time for putting on a costume, make-up etc.
  • The creation of a movie style 'poster' edit from an appropriate shot from the shoot
  • Your poster as a 30x20 inch canvas or unframed print
  • Secure online viewing of all shots from the shoot
  • Option to purchase additional prints/products 

£129 for the 30x20 inch unframed print option

£229 for the 30x20 inch canvas option

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